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Telecom, OTT, Media & Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment Paradigm shift

Tackling Disruption by Adapting to a Consumer-centric Media and Entertainment Paradigm

Consumer expectations are evolving. With the intersection of technology, companies in Telecommunications, OTT, and Media are bound to innovate. Building revenue streams, lowering costs, and realizing a sustainable business remains the goal. Both consumer and business segments need a fresh set of research, analysis, and innovation to drive hyper-personalization. Our OTT Application Development Services stand apart.

By 2026, 3,930.3M users are expected to be hooked onto OTT Video

Our OTT application development services, which also include on-demand and internet advertising are rapidly growing monetizing generators. With the rise in streaming devices/platforms, producers or distributors are seeking technological hand-holding to enter the promised land of high revenue, increased user acquisition, standardized OTT monetization, and reduced churn rate.

By 2025, 41.6 B connected IoT devices will generate 79.4 ZB of data

5G will account for at least 1.2 B (49%) connections by 2025

Developing new growth plays in 5G, IoT, Cloud, gaming, SportsTech, e-Sports, and evolved wireless networks of the future is crucial in delivering an immersive experience to the consumer. A change in screens, devices, formats, protocols, and security mechanisms need occasional doses of innovation and modernization.  

Why Kilowott OTT App Development Solutions?

Not every OTT solution provider covers the entire media content lifecycle management, from content creation to distribution like we do. Kilowott enables media producers, media distributors, media partners, and media CXOs/CMOs to craft a personalized media experience. We do this by…

Creating unique 2D & 3D animated content

We create 2D animation for media, 3D animation for media, business explainer videos, and VFX for media

Enabling media distribution via CDN, Cloud, Apps

We build content delivery networks, cloud native, cloud storage, cloud security & media workflows solutions

Protecting media content from data piracy

We protect your content from media piracy, online piracy, and solidify global copyright governance

Building content financials & revenue systems

We solve finance pain points in film and media industry, such as, content financials & lifecycle management

Monetizing OTT audience & content value

We monetize media and broadcast ads through content with machine learning & digital marketing strategies

Crafting marketing strategies for hike in viewership ratings

We strategize OTT advertising and media marketing, to engage subscribed users and onboard new users

What our clients say

When it comes to OTT application development services that can solve challenges within the telecom, OTT, and entertainment industry, our work is well regarded.

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