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Banks & Fintech

Consumer Revolution of Banks and Fintech

Streamlining traditional processes through frictionless customer experiences and cloud banking software solutions.

The ever-changing banking & finance ecosystem demands modernization standards that leverage regulation for innovation. Hyper-personalized experiences are what customers need today. A frictionless digital customer experience and a fintech-enabled banking can attract and retain new customers.

85% of global banking decision-makers are pursuing digital transformation

The cloud banking software solutions industry is undergoing a transformation thanks to application modernization, digital portals, and embedded finance. Open banking and blockchain work in tandem to increase customer trust and build transparency. Fraud protection, hyper-personalization, and digital strategies aren’t too far behind.

76% of customers expect an omnichannel experience

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Discover how B2B companies successfully future-proof their services or solutions using Business Experience and cloud banking software solutions. <br>
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59% of customers expect on-demand customer service

An omnichannel banking experience will eliminate unwanted stages in the banking process. Embedded credit, investments and insurance, coupled with customer lifetime value, will only build stakeholder expectations towards ESG investing as well. Sustainable practices need a strategic approach too, and with innovation at the helm, they will contribute to revenue growth tremendously. Banking software services, provided by Kilowott are key.

Why Cloud Banking Software Solutions?

Kilowott ensures faster response time, greater scalability and throughput, and a consistent user experience, straight via processing across internal and external systems.
We do this by…

Payment gateway integration

We enable your existing systems with providers like Stripe, RazorPay and others

ETL warehousing services

We build secure and authenticated financial applications that are ISO27001 compliant on AWS infrastructure

Stock trading systems

We build or extend application integrations with stock trading systems with the ability to transact stock exchanges

ETL warehousing services

We deliver PII removal for ETL and other warehousing preparation services

Fraud detection

We use AI/ML services for financial use cases like fraud detection and abnormal credit card activities

RPA-enabled backend

We automate backend office services using RPA for accounting packages interactions to minimize repetitive manual labor & errors

What our clients say

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