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Supply Chain, Logistics & Transport

Building Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains

Resilient Supply Chain Management that Impacts Businesses through AI, Unique CX and Sustainability

Covid-19 has disrupted the global supply chain industry. A digital supply chain, with fleet management tracking, warehouse management, and a digital supply chain framework is the need of the hour. Modernizing your supply chain can reduce costs, make it future-ready, gain speed & flexibility; and unlock symbiotic supplier-partner relationships. We build effective supply chain solutions.

69% of companies do not have total visibility over their supply chains

Lack of supply chain visibility can lead to added costs, higher risks, and loss in revenue leakage. An agile, customer-centric supply chain model can protect against uncertainties created by wars, pandemics, and other natural calamities. All that is needed is cutting-edge technology, especially AI/ML to improve supply chain efficiency. Our logistics and supply chain solutions help reduce cost.

A non-resilient supply chain leads to losses in finances (62%), logistics (57%), and reputation (54%)

4% of companies leverage AI towards supply chain management

AI-enhanced tools are being used throughout supply chains to increase efficiency, reduce the impact of a worldwide worker shortage, and achieve safer/better logistical goals. AI applications can be found throughout supply chains, from the manufacturing floor to warehouse management to front-door delivery. Covid-19 exposed clinks in the supply chain network. AI is the only solution to tackle this disruption. Our transport solutions help solve logistical issues.​

Why Kilowott's Supply Chain Solutions?

Future-ready supply chains are intelligent, self-driving networks of growth. They’re built on a foundation of digital, data and AI to provide the visibility, agility and new ways of working needed to create 360° value, enterprise-wide. We do this by…

Analytical programs

We gather all downstream key input providers and map them into visibility dashboards that co-relate shortages and other breaks, mitigate future risks and improve resilience

B2B API systems

We setup end-to-end process automation that digitizes supply chain visibility to track outages, respond to disruptions, minimize delays, and improve the overall customer experience

Machine Learning (ML) services

We leverage open-source warehousing products to secure and scale capabilities of modern cloud providers like Apache Spark/Redshift on AWS, Microsoft Azure Kusto Services, and ELK stack

RPA automation

We reduce manual efforts and errors on repetitive labor through the RPA and workflow automation via integration services on existing IT applications that are expensive to change or integrate with programmatically

Machine Learning (ML) services

We adapt ML to automate recommendations, reduce buffers, improve forecasts through simulation models, increase reaction times, fulfil backlogs and place products better with reduced costs

Advanced insights

We provide efficiency insights to quantifiably optimize supply chain for minimal buffer overheads and provisioning hybrid cloud models where regulations and compliance apply to a subset of your data

Some of our Supply Chain Solutions, Logistics Solutions, and Transport Solutions' Case Studies

See how we embrace change to create value from our clients, our people and our community.

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See how we bring the new to life with our clients around the world, each and every day through our robust supply chain management solutions.

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