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Retail & Omnichannel

Preparing For Evolving Customer Expectations

Personalizing the Omnichannel Retail Experience with AI, Cloud and Data Analytics to deliver Customer Satisfaction

Retailers are resetting their retail and ecommerce strategies to become more scalable and flexible, especially during the pandemic. Omnichannel retail solutions are evolving along with customer expectations. AR-based solutions are seeing the light of day, and the role of a ‘consumer’ and that of a ‘retail merchant’ are now being reinvented via insights, data, and automation.

76% of customers expect an omnichannel retail experience

There is a need to quickly deploy retail solutions that are built on data engineering and analytics frameworks to become competitive to also someday deal with unforeseen challenges. Retailer strategies depend on big data, data engineering, and data analytics for execution. A robust omnichannel strategy and solution can deliver a consistent brand experience with a digital mandate now governing retailers too are jumping onto the omnichannel retail solutions bandwagon.

59% of customers expect on-demand, anywhere anytime customer service

71% of customers want to shop more using AR

2D, 3D, ARVR technologies, and ecommerce solutions boost conversion rates by 40% thanks to its accurate depiction of how the product works, how each user experiences that product, and also how to deliver a personalized shopping experience, thereby reducing churn.

Why Trust Kilowott's Omnichannel Retail Solutions?

With such a sudden and drastic change in consumer behavior, retailers have to adjust their sales and marketing channel mix to optimize for the new reality. We solve these challenges by delivering the following solutions.

Personalized shopping experience

We create an experiences where customers scan products on their devices for contextual information, pricing, discounts, relevant related information and even authenticity or recalls.

Damage limitation & security

We create high quality imagery and galleries of high-end products as part of the shopping application or online stores, thus reducing costs of security, theft, wear and tear or accidental breakages

Systems integration

We integrate at all levels within the supply chain systems, fulfillment systems and delivery systems to stay competitive in the marketplace

AR-based approach

We employ AR within the shopping experience to make purchases more relevant to customer requirements (furniture props, wardrobe design and color matches with other furniture)

SKU optimization & monitoring

We apply SKUs to even components of a product as part of the shopping application so that supply chains can have reliable data on parts and tracking for warranty or other purposes

Data analytics

We build backend data analytics systems to get accurate insights, drive better inventory forecasting, and improve reach to the appropriate segments of the markets

Virtual furnishings

We showcase products being used in a virtual space, via virtual furnishings and trims on larger items, or building configurators for virtual demonstrations. This reduces costs associated with physical placement of products and showcasing

Smart avatars & voice

We adopt voice activated and gesture mapped behaviors or smart avatars with natural language processing abilities to help with shopping experiences of visually impaired and other individual incapacities

E-commerce applications

We build high quality e-commerce applications that are responsive, mobile-friendly as well as desktop accessible for omni-presence using modern architectures and frameworks to adapt, and scale

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