Best Affiliate Marketing Services To Increase Lead Generation And Sales
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Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing results

7x – the number of times our affiliate partners saw their revenue grow

Affiliate marketing refers to the process of partnering with affiliates to promote your products. You become the merchant, we are the partners, with our team of affiliates doing the promotion

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting a product via an affiliate network. The network consists of a merchant, affiliate partner and multiple affiliates. If you want to sell your product in large quantities, you offer the affiliates with an incentive or a small commission to promote your product. As they sell more, you earn more. The affiliate partner also receives a small commission for organizing and monitoring the affiliates.


Why do I need Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is performance-based. This means that you only pay your affiliates an incentive if your products are sold.

Also, if your product sells a lot, the affiliates are motivated to drive conversions. This garners your website relevant traffic without you needing to overpay.

Affiliates work for almost every niche and help your product to reach a broader audience. Affiliates usually promote products on related niche websites. As these websites already attract visitors, you can be sure that your products will sell.

Your reputation is boosted. Affiliates act like influencers at times, thus allowing you to partner with reputable affiliates. You only pay a percentage of your selling value, which is easily cost effective.

Affiliate marketing Stats

83% companies who spent on affiliate marketing saw a growth in their branding

More than 81% mid-sized brands rely on affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing are performance-based ads in which the online business owners offer several rewards to affiliate marketing experts for bringing in customers. Affiliate Marketing is a cost-effective type of marketing. It is just like PPC Advertising. In this process, our experts connect with other websites to advertise your services and brands. You only have to pay a minimal amount to your affiliates every time they direct an Internet user to your website.

40% of online marketers consider affiliate marketing a crucial sales strategy

Affiliate Program Commission Payment Models


The Affiliate program commission payment model is divided into various sections and it is important to know about all the sections in order to make a well-versed decision as to what kind of ads you want to display on your business website.


Cost Per Click (CPC)

The cost-per-click model is also well known as CPC pays affiliates for ads clicked by the audience on their sites. This is a form of advertising that can be in text and image form depending on the ads that are placed on the affiliate site. Normally, the ads served are very genuine and personalized to the individual site visitors to boost the sales rate.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Cost-per-lead is the type of affiliate marketing in which the affiliates get paid for sending good leads to their site. This CPL affiliate marketing payment program is also well-known as online lead generation. The affiliates get paid every time when a visitor fills a contract form or performs an eligible action that can generate a sale.

Cost Per Impressions (CPM)

Cost per impression is one of the most widespread pricing models for website advertising. The cost per impression is also known as cost per mile. It is the total amount an advertiser pays for 1,000 impressions on their website page. This model is not a metric that signifies the efficiency of a campaign.

Cost Per Acquisition or Sale (CPA)

Cost per acquisition is also known as pay-per-sale or PPS. In this model, the affiliate gets a set commission for each sale they pass on to the merchant’s website or services. The affiliate places live sale listings of appropriate products on their particular website, and if a website visitors clicks on those services or listings to make a purchase the affiliate earns a commission.

For marketers and advertisers, affiliate programs generate 15%–30 % of sales

Why Kilowott Affiliate Marketing Services?

Kilowott is a reputed affiliate program management company offering a variety of services for your marketing needs. We modify our solutions according to the needs of your business objectives. Our company has several years of experience in the affiliate marketing online business to help businesses establish and maintain a flourishing affiliate marketing program.

Relevant Market Specialist

We have a team of experienced affiliate marketing specialists who will work with you through all the essential steps. Our team of experts analyzes all your affiliate needs and then helps you by providing customized solutions that provide positive results for your business.

Data-driven Analytics

As a top-notch affiliate marketing agency, we primarily depend on data-driven analytics that help us to analyze the results. Through our data-driven strategy, we offer high-quality solutions to all business types and that too at affordable price tags.

Visible Results

Our teams of expert marketers go beyond the traditional affiliate marketing strategies and publish your ads on all possible platforms to spread your services to maximum audience and boost your sales by offering visible results.

Focused Strategic Plan

To ensure the utmost results from our strategies we offer your business with a focused strategic plan that works for your needs. In fact, we at Kilowott offer you with a complete line of affiliate online marketing services to boost conversion rates.

(FAQs) on Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a smart way to increase revenue by paying little to nothing in return. These frequently asked questions are made up of queries that we get asked often.

You might have heard of Affiliate Marketing. But do you know what it means?

Affiliate marketing a marketing model based on a pay-on-performance compensation structure.

Brands use it to sell a product or service. Partners adopt it to sell a brand’s product and services.

Affiliate technology partners provide technology that makes it possible for brands to track and measure the performance of their affiliates. They also oversee and manage the day-to-day operations and strategy of affiliates program on behalf of brands.

Consumers look to affiliates as influencers and perform actions such as submitting a lead form, sign up for a newsletter, test a service or become a new customer.

You understand what Affiliate Marketing is, but can it help you?

Yes, it can. Your products can be sold a faster rate through niche-driven websites run or influenced by affiliates.

This way you spend little but gain a lot as you pay the affiliates only once a sale is complete.

Relevant traffic is driven to your website or landing pages. Your brand reaches a wider audience and sometimes helps in cross selling as well.

What is a commission rate?

Typically, commission rates to affiliates – which are set by the brand – are based on a percentage of the total sale (e.g. 10%) that they’ve driven for a brand. Commission rates can also vary depending on the type of website and/or promotional channel they use (e.g. content, coupon, loyalty, mobile, etc.). Affiliates can review the commission rate(s) established by the brand when they sign up for their affiliate program and can also negotiate commission rates with some brands in exchange for added/incremental exposure.

You look interested in Affiliate Marketing, but how do you pay?

You can hire an Affiliate Partner agency to act like a middleman. Such agencies track and measure each affiliate’s performance through affiliate technology.

Affiliates are compensated when their promotional efforts generate a conversion – the same action that’s been decided on by you.  

The compensation can include a commission based on the percentage of a sale, join incentives, blog post bonuses, flat fee plus commission, flat fee for a high-value lead, etc.

Payment to an affiliate is done via the Affiliate Partner.

Can our industry be suited to adopt Affiliate Marketing?
Brands from almost every industry can team up with an Affiliate Partner agency to setup an affiliate program. Even direct-to-consumer brands can adopt Affiliate Marketing.
How can we control what content is posted by the affiliates?

Once you partner up with an Affiliate Partner agency, all your general information, content, payment processing, affiliate performance tracking, report generation, and branding material will be handled by them.

Certain trademark names, phrases, prohibited content, etc. will all be checked-for by the Affiliate Partner.

What does an Affiliate Partner management agency do?

The agency handles all aspects of affiliate management. This includes strategy development, content creation, recruiting affiliates, checking affiliates’ websites, compliance, forecasting, reporting, and optimizing collaterals. Fraud prevention is also handled by Affiliate Partners.

Maybe days, maybe months. Why does SEO take time to show results?
Google keeps updating so that users get good, purposeful content at their fingertips. We learn of these changes, tweak our strategies, and test them for best results.

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