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QA Testing Services

QA Testing Services

User retention for websites and apps drops below 25% due to improper quality testing

When implemented early, QA testing can discover development defects and save time, effort, and money. Proper QA testing identifies the inconsistencies, redundancies, and errors of a website or an app. Our QA testing services certainly stand apart when it comes to building consistent quality assurance strategies.

What is QA Testing?

Quality assurance (QA) testing is a set of techniques and practices used to check the development quality at every step of the process. QA testing or quality testing ensures the development of high-quality software products, applications, websites, and technology services. With their standardised procedures, QA tests reveal the level of consistency in development. It is a process that helps you achieve your desired results by reaching specific quality benchmarks. These processes do not test the product but the development procedures, which is why QA remains process-oriented.


Is QA Testing Important?

When it comes to developing a website or an app, a major challenge arises when the production takes place under time constraints. For faster outcomes, web developers fail to adhere to quality standards at every process and sub-process. This results in flawed development and a complete waste of time and money. QA testing helps you avoid this by reducing the additional costs of replacements and finding the errors before product launch.

As a customer, you are satisfied only when the website works smoothly and maintains a high reputation for your business. With QA testing, the development of your web app gets evaluated thoroughly. All the grey areas and negative aspects are reviewed, saving you legal expenses and compliance costs of not meeting industry standards. 

QA testing offers bug-free launch of websites, web apps, and mobile apps. It adds value to the customers when they know your website is QA-tested. New prospects are attracted to your product, which ultimately boosts your profits. Regardless of the type of app, you are developing, QA testing is a prerequisite that improves the user experience. Different end-user aspects are considered in the assessment, which reveals new ways of enhancing the sales, popularity, and profitability of your business.

QA Stats

Our QA testing process saves 30% of your IT spending on maintenance

QA testing improves your customer loyalty by more than 40%

FAQs on QA Testing

Here are some answers to a few common queries on QA testing:

How does QA testing work?
QA tests are simple techniques that help you achieve the highest possible quality of development. QA testing analyses all the development processes to find ways of preventing issues and fixing bugs for delivering a flawless user experience.
What is the main business advantage of QA testing?

QA tests can save money that goes into the development of your product. They can optimise the time consumed in this development and improve your business reputation through consistent high-quality production.

What are the different levels of QA testing?

There are several levels of testing the quality of development. Your website is tested for its compatibility with different browsers and different devices. Then, the responsiveness of your website features is tested. For complex apps, API integration is also tested. Security, performance, and usability are tested at the latter stages.

How much time should be dedicated to QA testing?

QA engineers usually take 10 minutes to test the development process. If your product needs more tests, then the QA testing time would increase accordingly.  

What is an ideal QA testing budget?
According to industry standards, more than 30% of IT spend is used for QA testing. A good budget for these tests can in turn save additional costs for support and maintenance.
QA Testing Services For High Quality

Check For Better Quality

Browser and Device Compatibility

There are dozens of browser apps available for users, which could be used for your website or app. Our cross-browser compatibility service checks whether or not the app works in the same way on different browsers. Our QA engineers perform Lambdatest to test if your website is browser compatible. Similarly, we test the product’s operability on a set of different computing devices and operating systems. This cross-device compatibility helps developers in fixing their platform issues.

Integration Testing

The functionality of a website improves when APIs are integrated with it. We test these integration processes to check if the user can operate the app properly. Our QA specialists test these integrations from the end-user end and improve the application’s reliability. We ensure all critical functionalities work properly. There is extra care taken to avoid any impact on performance when new features are integrated.


Responsiveness Testing

Testing the interactiveness of your website is also important. Different UI elements of your products are intuitive and responsive. We check the device resolution and the alignment to see how seamlessly one can navigate the website or the app. We test the product’s responsiveness on-page alignment, horizontal scrolling, padding, fonts, and sizes of different buttons.

Usability Testing

Dynamic websites and web applications become popular among users when their usability is tested to the fullest. We carry out a set of usability tests for your product across different devices and with multiple user perspectives. Our QA engineers also test the usability to find new ways to improve the user experience of the application.


Performance Testing

Your web application can face lags or become too slow or even crash. To avoid this, we track and analyse the rise in your website traffic and test it under extreme conditions. Our performance testing process is carried out randomly to see how well the app can adapt to high traffic. If there is no impact on the speed or the performance of your application, our QA engineers conclude the test.


Security Testing

The quality of application security is of the greatest importance. We carry out these tests at the end of the development cycle when all changes and fixes are implemented. Features performing suspiciously are online fixed, replaced, or removed. We ensure the security of payment gateways is the highest. Our QA testing for security also ensures that instances of fraudulent activities are effectively reduced to nil before the launch.

Software Testing Market size exceeded USD 40 billion in 2020 and is estimated to grow at over 7% CAGR between 2021 and 2027

QA Testing Services

Know Your QA Testing Experts

Kilowott's QA Testing Services

Kilowott helps you deliver quality software and to provide your end customers with the best experience. We are high achievers who make sure your product works perfectly and improves your customers’ life. We help define quality goals, then we thoroughly examine each of them and define a set of steps to take in order to increase the quality of your software, so that it meets its performance requirements.

Manual testing

During manual testing, our quality assurance team checks the performance of your product on various devices, as well as analyzes its user interface and usability. Manual testing helps to identify vulnerabilities that can’t be detected automatically and provides personal feedback about the look and feel of your product.

Automated testing

Automated testing is a long-term investment in the success of your product. It covers all possible scenarios of software functionality and then checks its performance on multiple platforms in parallel. By combining both manual and automated testing, you accelerate your time to market and satisfy your customers with a flawless product.


Our desktop engineers thoroughly test the entire architecture of your software, examine its functionality, check on its performance under different load conditions, and perform hardware compatibility testing.

  • Functionality testing
  • Backend testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Load testing
  • GUI feature testing
  • Memory leaks testing


From SaaS to cloud-based solutions, we provide testing services for different types of web applications. During web quality assurance and testing, we detect such issues as security breaches, traffic stress, integration problems, and compatibility, and help you roll out a competitive and high-quality app.

  • Functionality testing
  • Usability testing
  • Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Interface testing
  • Performance testing


Your mobile app should work perfectly on all devices and platforms, and provide a user-centered experience. During mobile testing, we ensure that the quality, usability, and security of your mobile app is at the highest level possible.

  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance and load testing
  • Security testing
  • Installation testing
  • Localization testing
  • Mobile device testing

Quality and UX audit

During this stage, our experts analyze the user interface of your product and come up with ideas for how to make your user experience smoother and more pleasant.

Performance Evaluation

We analyze the performance of your application in different environments, as well as check on its scalability and stability under different user loads.

Security and Compliance tests

We find and fix threats and vulnerabilities in your system to eliminate all possible security risks.

Code Reviews

During this stage, we analyze the quality and consistency of your code and provide recommendations on what should be changed or improved.

Software Validation

Validation testing takes place at the end of the development process to ensure that the end product meets all the requirements and performs all the necessary functions.

Software Maintenance

When your product is deployed, you need to keep its performance at a high level. During the software maintenance stage, we test all the changes in your product to sustain its quality and capacity for stable work.

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