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Artificial Intelligence Services

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40% of digital transformation initiatives use AI services

Digital transformation has gripped the mentality of any business run today. AI services provide the output for that transformation.

What are AI Services?

Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) is a third party offering of artificial intelligence (AI) outsourcing. AI as a service allows individuals and companies to experiment with AI for various purposes without large initial investment and with lower risk. This experimentation can allow the sampling of multiple public cloud platforms to test different machine learning algorithms.


Why do I need AI Services?

AI services provide the opportunity to try out advanced algorithms and services from different providers that will allow your business to find what works.

This also allows for scaling before committing. When something is found that scales to requirements, the resources of these large providers are there to back up the scaling with compute capacity.

AI Stats

Nearly 77% companies around the world have adopted AI-powered service

This number could see an even greater spike towards the end of 2021. AI services are the future, to scale any business.

6x – the number of times your business can scale-up through our AI-powered services

(FAQs) on AI Services

AI Services work on Artificial Intelligence to improve the scalability of any business. These frequently asked questions are made up of queries that we get asked often. 

You might have heard of AI Services. But do you know what it means?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the concept of having machines think like humans. AI services are the performing of tasks such as reasoning, planning, learning, and understanding a particular language to scale a business further. AI services are in high demand. The brain behind artificial intelligence is a technology called Machine Learning, which is designed to make our jobs easier and more productive.
You understand what AI Services is, but can it help you?

A lot of things have aligned to make this an exciting time for major advancements in AI. The processing power has improved at an amazing rate — there’s been a trillion-fold increase in performance over the last 60 years

The cost of data processing has become more affordable. There’s more data that needs to be analysed because businesses are capturing more signals from customer interactions

Your business can use AI services to improve consumer apps significantly — leading to further expectations in making life easier, spurring the need for greater AI technical knowhow and R&D. All this can only be achieved by hiring a robust AI service agency.

Is it worth hiring an AI services agency?

Yes, it is. Different AI provider platforms offer numerous styles of machine learning and AI. KIlowott offers almost all of those styles.

Each style is suited for a particular organization's AI needs since organizations need to evaluate features and pricing to see what works for them.

For example, we also provide cloud AI service providers to power specialized tasks such as GPU-based processing for intensive workloads.

What are the challenges faced by AI service agencies?
Let’s assume AI as an iceberg. What you see as a user is just the tip — but beneath the surface lurks a massive support system of our experienced data scientists and engineers, along with massive amounts of data, labor-intensive extraction, data preparation, and a huge technological infrastructure.

It takes a specialized team of data scientists and developers at Kilowott to access the correct data, prepare the data, build the correct models, and then integrate the predictions back into an end-user experience application.
What benefits does a business enjoy by hiring an AI service agency?

We work on handling large volumes of data through AI. This is because it is not humanly possible to process endless amounts of data.

We work with AI to create targeted marketing campaigns and solve the most complicated issues about customer inquiries and complaints.

We use AI to build a powerful and robust CRM that makes gathering data from Excel sheets simple

We help reduce average handling time through AI as your product or services demands prompt service and support for customers or clients.

We develop chatbots that answer basic inquiries and requests. We build chatbots that allow customers to receive reminders and notifications.

We ensure AI services that help customers to receive their products within 24 hours or less and can track them easily through delivery programs.

We work on AI services to let even intangibles products to be delivered online

We help you customize your product offerings that drive up sales. We look at how advanced customization levels can be reached in the service sector

We work on ideas such as the sending of personalized emails that understand customer preferences, tastes, geo-localization, previous purchases etc.

We work on chatbots and customer support agents that can improve the interaction with customers

We work developing an omnichannel presence. We do this allow interaction with customers in multiple ways through positive change

We also work on channels that are friendly networks to encourage customers to keep in touch with multiple sources.

We use AI to ideally handle multiple channels as they represent a lot of data. This is because AI can rapidly collect and process data from multiple sources. 

We implement AI services to allow centralizing the files for each client and their interactions through different channels.

We use AI services to provide excellent customer service that takes into account all customer communications.

We work on building a single CRM towards the backend to gather all possible information about customers.

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Know Your AI Services - A Quick Guide

Through AI we can automate your business processes, increase sales, detect fraud, improve customer experience, and inventory and delivery management among many other things.

AI services make it possible to obtain powerful insights and predictions about customer behaviour.


Analytic AI

These are powered with machine learning. It scans tons of data for dependencies and patterns to ultimately produce recommendations or provide a business with insights.

Functional AI

It is similar to analytic AI – it also scans huge amounts of data and searches for patterns and dependencies in it. But, instead of giving recommendations, functional AI takes actions


Interactive AI

 It allows businesses to automate communication without compromising on interactivity. Think of chatbots and smart personal assistants.

Text/Visual AI

Here businesses can enjoy textB recognition, speech-to-text conversion, machine translation, and content generation capabilities. They can also identify, recognize, classify and sort objects or convert images and videos into insights.

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