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Customer Journey Mapping


Customer Journey Mapping Consulting

Align your strategy with customer demands  

Understand Key Moments with Journey Mapping

If you don’t understand the customer journey, you don’t know your customers well enough. If that’s the case, how can you be certain you’re even engaging the right people in the right companies with the right messages and offers? In an age when hyper-personalization reigns supreme, a shallow understanding of your customers is not enough.


Effective journey mapping enables companies to visualize the customer experience and become more customer centric in their approach. In addition, customer journey mapping aids in blending historical and real-time data to provide customer insights to make interactions more efficient. The unification of real-time and historical data helps complete the picture by combining a customer’s current behaviors with their historical transaction, demographic, and psychographic data.

Customer feedback, such as their emotions, is essential throughout the entire user experience. Customer journey maps help brands understand the unique emotional journey of target customer groups across the enterprise. Effective journey maps also include key moments of truth for the customer, such as customer service wait times, digital dead ends, or other pain points. This detailed process works as a visual guide to identify opportunities for new value creation and improved customer experiences in sales, marketing, products and services, and other customer interactions with your brand.

Improve the journey and develop more customer-focused capabilities

Demonstrating to customers that you know their needs and preferences throughout their journey builds customer loyalty. Customer journey mapping has proven to be a great exercise to assess customer touchpoints and experiences from a customer’s point of view. These incredibly insightful maps provide a baseline by which improvement strategies are identified, prioritized and implemented. Based on established personas, brands can use customer journey maps to break down customer experience in different stages – from discovering the brand, to being a first-time user, to becoming a repeat-customer. These maps help us spot pain points, feelings and moments of delight that customers undergo when when interacting with a brand and product.

Elements of High-Impact Journey Maps

Marketing and service teams have certain goals and KPIs they need to achieve, while customers have their own expectations. This requires a shared vision of your top customer experience priorities, and a clear understanding of customer needs that will impact the customer journey map and related customer processes.

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This part of the journey map provides a detailed description of the customer journey including all the touchpoints. It can also include when customers first gain awareness of a brand and eventually make a first purchase, all the way through to service, up-sell, and retention or churn. This also includes the entire set of channels, messages, communication cadences, and inbound and outbound interactions.

This section defines the basic building blocks of the customer profile that will help us to continually tailor our interactions with individuals. This includes data from lead sources, second- and third-party data sources to augment the profile, as well as first-party data captured during the course of sales, service, or digital marketing interactions.

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By the end of this chapter, you’ll have the context you need to work with the search engine, rather than against it!

Journey maps are essential to help diagnose customer pain points and inspire improvements to marketing, sales, and service experiences. But once an organization finishes building a traditional journey map, they may struggle to understand what is contextually relevant for each customer at any point in time, and how to take action. It is advisable to engage an external partner equally skilled in business, marketing and data analytics, integration, and customer journey visualization.

Our Customer Journey Mapping Experts will help you design and implement the perfect roadmap. We utilize the best features of traditional journey mapping while also leveraging powerful digital customer experience journey mapping capabilities through robust analytics platforms.

 Our approach to Customer Journey Mapping is always considering first the volume and depth of insights already available, and your specific objectives and requirements for the project and its outcomes. We tailor our approach around your needs, to ensure you achieve a complete and accurate understanding of how your customer interact with your brand, the key factors and influences at each stage of their journey, and how and when your brand can provided further value and better engage customers at key moments of truth.

We map the entire journey for each persona, considering key insights at each stage including potential variations to the ideal path. At each stage we identify moments where a critical decision has to be made, to understand how your brand can better engage customers in these moments.

By clearly illustrating where you delight your customers and where you frustrate them, we help you transform the way you do business.

The ngX Framework

Based on our deep design and technical experience across industries we’ve developed a proprietary digital framework, the ngX framework, which is leveraged across all our projects.

The ngX framework consists of the following steps:


Assess your current customer experience and digital posture across all digital properties


Define a digital experience transformation roadmap to capture digital moments


Develop the front-end and back-end systems and technologies to bring the digital next strategy to life


Deploy all the technologies and design elements together after thorough QA and user testing


Support the deployed components to ensure digital experience ecosystem meets its stated business objectives


Digital marketing to promote the reimagined brand, acquire new customers and retain existing customers for continued business impact


Our Customer Journey Mapping Experts will help you design and implement the perfect roadmap.

What is a customer journey map?

The customer journey map is a tool to visualize the experience of interacting with your brand from the customer’s point of view. This map is critical because it forces you to look at how your customers actually experience your brand versus how you think they do. By better understanding your customers, you can better deliver on their expectations.

What are the benefits of creating a customer experience journey map?

Customer journey maps drive learning and change by providing a high-level visual representation of how customers interact with a service or product. Customer journey mapping is a key tool used to identify all aspects of the customer experience across the different touchpoints and functions delivered by your organization. Done right, customer journey mapping provides a compelling outside-in view of the customer experience to prioritize moments of truth and experience gaps to better drive customer loyalty and business success.

Why is data analysis important?

How a customer’s journey happens across channels is valuable data that can be challenging to collate and interpret, but necessary nevertheless. Sophisticated data analysis helps companies understand their customers’ actual experience in a variety of settings and links that to business results, while also identifying complex patterns in customer journeys. The goal is to use real-time data to take actions that improve each customer’s experience. 

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