Which Are The Top React Native Development Companies?
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Which Are The Top React Native Development Companies? Updated 2022

This top list features the top 18 React Native development businesses, as determined by client feedback, level of experience, and skill.

It’s also not your average super list. This one stands out because it provides a thorough comparison of the fantastic companies’ methods for delivering goods and interacting with customers.

Why? Since it is, in our opinion and based on our experience, the ideal set of information to utilize to identify a vendor who is a good fit for your project. At the end of this compiled list of tech companies, you will get the answer to the following questions.

– Which is the best react native development company?
– Which is the best node.js development company?
– Who provides the best react native development services?
– Who are the best react native consultants?
– Which are the top react native development companies in the world?
– Do big companies use React Native?
– What are the top rated React Native application development companies in the US?
– What company offers good React Native app development services?
– Is React Native in demand in 2022?

What is React Native?

An open-source JavaScript framework called React Native allows developers to create apps for different operating systems, including iOS, Android, and the web, all from a single source of code.
It is based on React and brings all of its splendor to the creation of mobile apps.

While leveraging native-OS views, React Native compiles the app’s user interface in JavaScript.

It permits code implementation in OS-native languages for more complicated functionality (Swift and Objective-C for iOS, and Java and Kotlin for Android).

React vs React Native

React is a free JavaScript toolkit that is used to create dependable and quick user interfaces for online applications. It is heavily based on reusable parts.

As we previously noted, Facebook created React in 2011 as a direct response to their scalability issues, just like React Native did a few years later.

Facebook ads were at their peak at the time, and the platform’s continuous UI modifications made it noticeably slower.

React found a solution to this issue, and in 2012, after Facebook purchased Instagram, it was also utilized in the timeline of the app.

A logical outcome of React was React Native, which was created by Facebook and powered by React. It is a mobile framework that enables JavaScript developers to create nearly native apps.

The final word?

Although they are closely linked, the two frameworks have very different goals. Web development is done with React, whereas mobile development is done with React Native, which does not need HTML.

How does React Native work?

As said, JavaScript is used by React Native to create the app’s interface. React Native doesn’t rely on web views like its rivals (like Ionic) do; instead, it uses the real materials offered by native platforms.

It can use natively written code, give the API access to OS-specific functionality inside the app, and has built-in access to native views and components.

How exactly that happens is the question.

React Native makes use of the “bridge” concept, which enables asynchronous communication between JavaScript and Native elements. The flexibility of React Native is rooted in the bridge concept. Despite being entirely separate technologies, native and JavaScript elements can nonetheless communicate.

This style of design has the advantage of utilizing many OS native functions, but it also has substantial drawbacks, such as the potential performance impact of continuously employing bridges within an application.

React Native might not be the greatest choice if you’re developing an app with lots of data, many events, etc. See more below on that.

Pros of React Native

Reusable code and quicker development

The biggest and most compelling benefit of React Native is its ability to create effectively for several platforms at once.

Other advantages of using a single code base across various platforms include quicker app development and time to market, simpler and less expensive maintenance (you just have to worry about one code base instead of many), and easier onboarding for new engineers.

React Native gives developers the ability to observe changes to the code in a live preview without having to refresh anything, thanks to the “hot reloading” functionality. This seemingly insignificant change can actually significantly enhance the development process because it gives developers immediate feedback on any changes made to the code.


React Native’s “bridge” concept is considered to be groundbreaking when compared to existing cross-platform development approaches. React Native apps are faster than web-based cross-platform solutions since they may use natively developed code. React Native’s explicit claim is that it performs “native-like,” although this claim is not always accurate; the most accurate term is “near-native” experience.

Cost effectiveness

Cross-platform programming is primarily done for cost-effectiveness. You often require a smaller team to complete the project because code can be reused across numerous platforms.

Unlike native development, which requires two distinct teams to provide essentially two equivalent operating solutions as opposed to one.

Community of developers expanding

As of right now, the community behind the open source framework React Native is thriving and growing.

Facebook’s involvement is important to note because they are always trying to expand the framework and improve it.

This implies that even if you run across a problem that React Native hasn’t yet addressed, you can discover a group of individuals willing to assist you because they care about making the framework more robust and reliable.

React Native – what is it used for?

When it comes to using React Native, there aren’t any actual limitations based on the industry. The important point is that it is a sufficient framework for all customer-facing applications that do not substantially rely on OS-specific capabilities and integrations, such as augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), or that do not require elaborate design or animations to establish competitive advantage.

React Native speeds up the development process and currently provides enough tools and modules to create a reliable application. Another benefit is that it is simpler to create a React Native mobile app when your online app is written in React.

Many major companies have recently switched to React Native in their products or are actively adopting it.

Facebook & React Native – social media platform

Without Facebook, React Native’s original author, the list of firms that use it would be lacking. They wanted to bring the advantages of web development—rapid iterations, a single team working on the entire project—to mobile.

The Facebook team described how they started by converting just one element from HTML to React Native (the Events tab in their Facebook for iOS app) and were able to double the startup speed.

Because the enhancements were made at the framework level, the app would instantly get advantages when upgrading to the most recent React Native version.

Facebook designed its Ads Manager using React Native from scratch, in contrast to their iOS and Android apps, which were converted to React Native.

Instagram & React Native – social media platform

React Native is used by more than only Facebook’s iOS and Android apps. Instagram began experimenting with React Native in 2016, and in a blog post, they stated that it enables their product teams to release features more quickly on both the iOS and Android platforms.

They also disclosed the proportion of code that was shared among the apps, which was done in an effort to increase developer productivity.

Walmart & React Native – ecommerce

A series of supermarkets are run by the American multinational retailer Walmart. Their app provides product search, in-store price comparison, and online shopping. Currently, React Native is used to write 95% of the code used in their app.

Walmart listed several key advantages of React Native, including the ability to simultaneously develop for both iOS and Android while using the same automation test suite.

Bloomberg & React Native – content & media

When Bloomberg released the first iteration of their new app in 2016, they hopped on the React Native bandwagon fairly early.

Users of the Bloomberg app get access to selected news representing a specific time of day in addition to content that is localized for them.

It soon evolved into a business transition with ambitions to use React Native in further Bloomberg products.

Tesla & React Native – a companion app

Tesla provides very little information regarding their decision to use React Native. For all Tesla automobiles, the app acts as an assistant and traveling companion.

The app allows users to control and monitor practically all Tesla functions, including the charger, locks, lights, panoramic roof, and horn, and it syncs with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Shopify – ecommerce building platform

Shopify recently declared React Native to be the company’s mobile future, claiming it will help improve and enhance the app experience on both iOS and Android platforms.

In order to support their efforts and contribute to the creation of a thorough cross-platform mobile experience, they also collaborated with Facebook and are funding prominent members of the React Native community.

Best projects for React Native

As we previously stated, implementing React Native doesn’t really present any industry-specific challenges; instead, the focus should be on defining the essential features and differentiators of your product.

React Native is an excellent alternative to two distinct native apps for the same service or product since it provides just the right performance for all consumer-facing apps and is (in most circumstances) simpler and less expensive to develop.

The majority of consumer-facing apps do not rely on intricate animations and user interfaces, which again makes React Native a fantastic and trustworthy option for the project.

How to assess a top react native development company?

We looked at how the businesses handled previous projects and what customers had to say about them in testimonials and reviews to evaluate their methodology. Of course, we also thoroughly examined their social media profiles, blogs, websites, and content.

Business-success approach

Business analysts are included in development teams and offer business counseling as examples of the business-success method in action. by posing pertinent queries, challenging your worldview, and providing practical, experience-based solutions.

Additionally, by ensuring that developers have a sufficient level of business-related understanding and by supporting the group with mentors and tech leaders.

It all boils down to avoiding information silos, properly analyzing the variables that affect your goods’ commercial success, and making the required adjustments along the route.

The success of a product depends on breaking down barriers between business and development on multiple levels and sharing expertise.

The more emphasis the organization has on helping you with your business and using those aims as its north star, the better.

Consultancy attitude

Although giving advice is often associated with consulting, the most beneficial forms of consulting involve knowledge exchange.

A vendor’s staff mentoring and supporting your team while sharing different facets of their experience with your developers is known as having a consultancy mentality. Technical expertise, project management, or design may be involved.

When you work with a company that has the highest level of consulting mindset, your processes get better and your developers’ tech abilities get more advanced.

When your partnership with the company ends, you are confident in your ability to carry on on your own.

That’s not how outsourcing is often done, and it’s certainly the largest benefit you can get from working with top React Native development companies.

DevOps abilities

We don’t only mean continuous deployment and the cloud when we say “DevOps.” We’re referring to DevOps as a whole.

The DevOps culture is fundamentally built on blurring the lines between development and operations. The objective is to closely collaborate and eliminate the knowledge silos that frequently obstruct the success of a product.

Along with greater openness, it also calls for improved communication, faultless teamwork, and happier employees. And as a result, a superior product.

Time to impact

Time to impact is influenced by the company’s processes. 

Among them are:

The company’s processes affect time to impact.

How they manage their resources and how many procedures must be followed before a project can begin, and how long the onboarding procedure takes.

In addition, how teams are put together matters. Time to effect will be quicker if the company provides the support of tech advisers or tech leaders.

When they employ Agile technique (which every organization on the top list does) and provide workshops, time to impact may be sped up.

List of Top 14 React Native App Development Companies In The World

1. Atta

Software development firm Atta Systems, originally AB4 Systems, was established in Romania in 2015. They work on medium-sized projects and support established startups, high-growth businesses, and big, international organizations. They were included in Clutch’s list of the top developers from Romania in 2021.

React Native · Learn once, write anywhere

2. Kilowott

Kilowott is a boutique business experience transformation firm accelerating growth for businesses of all sizes across industries by reimagining the way businesses operate and crafting digital experiences with the user at the core.

Kilowott’s design heritage coupled with their digital transformation expertise and deep focus on user experience helps them stand apart from the crowd. All their business experience transformation engagements focus on enhanced digital customer experience while driving up business profitability.

Kilowott’s react native application developers have extensive experience in developing solid, scalable iOS applications. Kilowott develops custom react native software for a variety of industries, throughout the world. They assist you in developing a solution that showcases your authentic voice in a store with millions of apps.

Who is Kilowott?

3. Nomtek

A Polish software development company named Nomtek was established in 2009. They concentrate on creating mobile apps as well as augmented and mixed reality solutions. They were named as Top Mobile App Developers by Clutch. They offer services for staff augmentation and cross-functional teams. They take great pleasure in offering more than 200 apps.

Is React Native a tech stack?

4. Agile Engine

AgileEngine is a company founded in 2010 and headquartered in the Washington DC area. They prefer to work with VC startups and renowned tech brands. The company offers dedicated remote teams and onsite consulting. They claim that they hire top 3% talent, mostly through referrals.

Is React Native full stack?

5. Cheesecake Labs

A US-based design and engineering firm is called CheesecakeLabs. They started out in 2013. The company specializes in mobile and web development and offers diverse teams.

They were ranked fifth for React Native development by Clutch in 2021 and tenth overall for mobile app development. Additionally, they were included in the Great Place to Work list.

react native vs flutter

6. Apiko

Ukraine-based Apiko is a software development firm that was established in 2014. They were named by Clutch as Top Ukrainian Developers, Top 1000 Global Companies, and Top App Developers for Startups in 2021. They provide developers online courses through Apiko Academy.

react native app development company

7. Scopic Software

The US-based Scopic Software is a software development and digital marketing firm. They develop a lot of software for the healthcare industry. Small and medium-sized businesses make up the majority of their clients. They were pleased with themselves for finishing more than 1000 jobs.

What Is React Native? Complex Guide for 2022

8. IdeaMotive

Polish software development firm IdeaMotive was established in 2014. They enjoy collaborating with large businesses, scale-ups, and startups. Since some of the organization’s developers work on-site and some are independent contractors, the company offers a broad pool of abilities. CTOs are also contracted out. They position themselves as a go-to marketplace for hiring cross-functional teams and engineers.

react native navigation

9. ChopDawg

Software development firm ChopDawg was established in 2009. The company’s goal is to help each firm it works with develop a strategy that will lead to long-term success. They were featured by Mobile App Daily as one of the Top iOS mobile app developers of 2020, and they were mentioned by Clutch as one of the Top B2B firms for 2020 and 2021.

react native navigation

10. eTeam

eTeam, a Ukrainian firm that develops websites and mobile applications, was established in 2016. They provide personnel augmentation and manage teams. They typically work with small and new companies. They were listed among the Top 1000 Global Companies by Clutch in 2021.

Why React Native is so popular?

11. STRV

A software engineering and design firm called STRV was established in the Czech Republic in 2004. They were a winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in 2020 and were named among the Top 1000 Global Companies on Clutch. The Financial Times included them among Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies. The business specializes in mobile development and enjoys collaborating with successful entrepreneurs from renowned US accelerators.

react native download

12. GroovyWeb

Founded in 2015, GroovyWeb is an Indian web and mobile app development business. They were ranked among the top software engineers by Clutch in 2021. According to them, the word “groovy” simply means “wonderful,” and that describes who they are. They take great delight in working with over 250 clients and completing more than 500 projects.

react native app development company

13. Tapptitude

Romanian product studio Tapptitude was established in 2013. They specialize in developing mobile apps and like working with both new businesses and well-known corporations. They take great delight in providing more than 100 apps.

Is React Native frontend or backend?

14. Vincit

California-based Vincit is a custom software development firm that was established in 2007. Employee-owned public firm that. They were recognized by Clutch as one of the Best and Brightest B2B Firms 2021 and among the Top B2B Companies from California, and Fast Company recognized them as a Best Workplace for Innovators. Additionally, they twice received the Great Place to Work award for Europe and three times in Finland for Best Workplace.

Is React Native a language?
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