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How Do You Market Your Business In A Post-Digital World Today

The field of digital marketing has a weakness. We now inhabit a post-digital era! The digital approach includes implementing new marketing technologies, growing digital assets, and transferring advertising funds to PPC and social media advertising. However, the world in which we market has already advanced.

What’s the outcome when you want to market your business?

We fall short of the mark. 88 percent of customers claim that all advertising has little to no influence on their choice to make a purchase. This also applies to online ads. Nearly half of marketers are unsure of which digital strategies are effective.

This screams marketing from the middle ages. Digital resources, marketing software, and data analysis are all helpful, but they are only a portion of the means to an end and not the final answer. But a change of perspective is the answer. What does the mindset of the post-digital marketing look like?

Characteristics of the Post-Digital World

1. Customers are enabled

Customers today don’t just want more, they are entitled to it. This won’t leave them disappointed by a brand that only offers a product or service. A lot of brands today are trying to meet the entitled expectations.

  1. B2C brand shopping rewards.
  2. B2B loyalty discounts.
  3. Educative or convenient content, such as suggestions for B2C sellers to “complete the set” or “finish the appearance,”
  4. Online libraries, brand varsity, and educational podcasts for B2B

 2. Business strategy fueled by digital insights.

The line between the customer and brand is getting thinner giving businesses a chance to make better decisions. This helps marketers offer a sophisticated customer experience.

3. Culture shift within organizations to meet customer needs

Better alignment  within the organization can provide the customer with even more. Streamlining customer experience is shifting the organizational culture, marketing, IT, customer service & sales.

As a business, what’s holding you back?

Marketers must adopt this mindset shift, whether they like it or not, because of the post-digital era. However, the more you are conscious of the areas where your marketing strategy is still rooted in the past, the more you can change the way you think to make room for a more successful post-digital strategy now.

Frequent brand exposure no longer permanently imprints your company in the thoughts of your clients. Instead, it irritates and gives the impression that you are less reliable or in charge.
More people are now turned off by generalized communications intended to reach a bigger audience.

Greater personalization, better segmentation, and getting to know your customers as individuals are ongoing goals for post-digital brands.

Despite the fact that we are aware that contextually relevant interactions are what work to convert, acquire, and retain clients, there is still an excessive focus on ads (83 percent of all marketing dollars are spent on online and offline advertising).

Data is not as precise as we would like to believe. Metrics and data analysis are overemphasized to the exclusion of the human aspect, which is the key to a post digital-world marketing mindset.

How do you market your business for humans?

Think, act, and interact like a human being. The secret to marketing in the post-digital world is to do that. It’s about utilizing all the technological advancements that the digital age has offered us, not to hand over marketing to AI but rather to gain the extra time and knowledge necessary to engage with clients more deeply.

By having definite brand principles and upholding them, a brand may present an authentic personality. In order to check in, call a customer. Send handwritten notes of appreciation. Directly reply to any inquiries or remarks made by customers on social media or via email. All of this promotes the development of long-lasting client connections and trust.

Make solving customer issues a priority, and pay attention to how your customers’ pain points are changing. In this approach, your marketing will begin to change and clients will receive greater value from connecting with your brand.

You’ll find more inventive approaches to create a multidimensional customer experience the more you base your marketing decisions and strategies on customer solutions as opposed to only trying to convey your message to the customers.

Setting the intention to be customer-centric as opposed to brand-centric is key. You’ll start heading in the proper way once you set the intention.

Last but not least, make room on your marketing team for someone with post-digital experience. This entails employing personnel with a variety of abilities, being receptive to novel marketing concepts, and never stopping to learn.

There is a plethora of information and inspiration available to help you generate ideas and develop more successful methods. It consists of all the creative campaigns that the post-digital brands of today, including both startups and Fortune 500 corporations, are already utilizing.

Need help with marketing strategies to market your business in the right value-generating direction? Let’s talk!

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Jonas Bocarro
Jonas Bocarro

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