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How Tech Leaders Can Embrace Cloud Adoption | Value-driven CTO Steps

COVI-19 has had an impact on enterprises adopting technology. Executives that are navigating extreme business transformations have their eyes on embracing cloud adoption thanks to the new changes that are occurring around the globe.

Development of technologies like AI is known to influence the adoption of cloud computing in the coming years. Decades ago when the first form of AI was created it motivated companies to experiment with various technologies by applying it to solutions ranging from automation to pattern matching.

Experts believe that in the next five years 50% of cloud data centers will be deployed by protocols equipped with AI and machine learning capabilities.

Tech Leaders Can Embrace Cloud-based AI

AI has influenced a major change in how businesses interact with cloud technology. Some of the benefits of AI being, generating insights from company data providing greater reasoning to existing capabilities resulting in greater cloud adoption by enterprises.

Companies are fascinated by the endless possibilities offered to their business growth by AI driven technologies. Cloud technologies combined with AI are a part of a future where developers hosting AI platforms will not need to maintain and manage separate infrastructures, thus saving time and resources.

An increasing interconnection between AI and cloud is known to occur resulting in a greater correlation in the adoption of both AI and cloud technology. 

Organizational Re-structuring For WFH

Organizations have seen an increase in efficiency with the move to remote work models during covid-19 due to cloud. It has helped companies ease the change to WFH model helping employees access company data, it also provided support to public and private organizations that needed to improve their data processing and management capabilities. 

Certain trends associated with cloud will continue to increase post pandemic as employees now prefer a hybrid work environment. It has been indicated to provide a better work/life balance and increased productivity.

Unquestionably, remote work will continue to be a preference, which is why cloud services will continue to be essential far beyond the pandemic years.

Some organizations are unable to meet the growing demands of employees demanding the ability to continue working remotely with a single cloud model and companies are now leveraging multiple public and private clouds.

The cyber attacks have increased tremendously with the adoption of cloud which are exposing some risks such as data privacy and malware spreading.

Numerous threats that have been overlooked even though hyperscalers have strengthened their cybersecurity protocols, including emerging technologies that cybercriminals are leveraging in new ways to launch sophisticated attacks.

Although a pandemic cannot be prevented, technology has the ability to make something seemingly impossible possible. New circumstances need to be supported with strategic decisions by companies, while also driving in results. Uncertainty is forever to exist, companies need to keep marching forward with constant changes.

A great leadership, a strong team coupled with technology are the key to success during uncertain times. 

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