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Website Revamp Benefits – Why Redesign A Website? Timing, Idea

A website is the first face of the business that potential customers see, so it needs to be the best. A website should say everything about your business products and promote the services. All questions that clients could have about the company need to be answered.

Redesigning a website is the same as training and investing in a salesperson. Measuring the effectiveness of site performance and making the necessary changes needs to be done promptly to successfully convert visitors.

Various problems could prompt you to consider a redesign like shoppers abandoning the carts or a significantly higher bounce rate on certain types of devices.

Depending on the goals of your business your website redesign scale may vary. A change in branding may require a simple website makeover with changes in colour palette or new gallery images. On the other hand, a revamp in the marketing strategy may require migration to a content management system needed for a complete website redesign.

Website redesign goals and how they can be achieved?

1. Site rebranding
It is important that your website has a consistent look and feel throughout. The smallest difference between pages can frustrate visitors and confuse them about redirecting to a malicious page. Inconsistencies in design are common in sites that have many authors and merged with other microsites over time. It is important to review your site and implement brand guidelines and styles so that your site has a vicious design.

2. Driving traffic to the website
However great your website may be, it won’t matter if no one sees it. Websites need to be optimized for search. Blog features have a greater chance of being featured in search engines so a great way to do this is by making blogging a part of your content strategy. 

Proper keyword research needs to be done when developing your blog strategy to see what specific words and phrases people are using in their search engine queries. These keywords need to be included in your title, body, URL and meta descriptions.

As you post more and more blog posts that link to different related pages on your website. This will increase the relevance of your website for search engine bots and visitors.

3. Converting visitors to leads
Once you’re driving a lot of visitors to your site you need to convert them into leads. The site needs to be redesigned around a clear conversion strategy. You should have a clear picture of your target audience and that should be reflected in your website. Your website should be convincing enough so that the visitor takes the next step in becoming a customer.

4. Adding additional functionality to the site
Websites need to be easy to use and navigate for visitors. As the traffic to your website increases new functionality can be added to meet the evolving expectations like a live chat feature or multi-language content.

5. Optimizing site for mobile visitors
Mobile devices have accounted for the major part of organic search engine visits. You need to ensure that your website is optimized for both desktops as well as mobile devices. Most searches today are done through mobile devices, while googling something on the phone search results appear for mobile-friendly pages first.

A website redesign is crucial for online success even though it takes time, effort and money. With proper alignment with the business strategy, a redesign can boost conversion rate, improve rankings and meet visitors’ needs and expectations.

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Jonas Bocarro
Jonas Bocarro

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