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Performance Marketing Steps To Successfully Rebrand in 2023

Numerous businesses have been able to get by on the same narrative for decades thanks to brand loyalty.

A global pandemic then sprang out.Everyone had to take stock after the COVID-19 outbreak prompted everyone to stop, and 75% of Americans were forced to successfully rebrand as a result.

Value, availability, and convenience were listed as the top three justifications for switching in a McKinsey poll conducted in August 2022.

To successfully rebrand, businesses need to reevaluate and launch rebranding campaigns. A fresh logo won’t bring you more clients, either. The updated brand story that is real, inclusive, and mission-driven is what modern audiences are seeking.

Here are Kilowott’s tips on how to successfully rebrand.

1. Take a Poll

Customers’ demands have changed during the COVID-19 epidemic, and if enterprises are to survive, they must figure out how to suit these shifting needs. But how can you determine what your client wants?

The moment is now to invest in customer research, and it doesn’t have to be a huge sum.

An easy technique to better understand what your customers want is to send out a quick survey to your current customers or to future customers via social media.

You can pose more general inquiries, such as whether consumers should take a stand on current issues when choosing a company to support, or more specific inquiries, such as which factor—price or quality—should be taken into account most when making a purchase. You may create your rebrand with the demands of the clients in mind once you have the answers to these questions.

While maintaining your own vision is certainly important, knowing what your audience values will make choosing which of your values to emphasize much easier.

2. Define Your Objective

If you want to revitalize your brand, you must go into the process with a very specific goal in mind.

What point are you attempting to make?

Reviewing your present goal, vision, and values is a good place to start so that you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Determine which of these current characteristics are most crucial, what you would wish to eliminate, and what could be added.

Do you want to make sure that any recent events relate to your brand story?
Are you changing your brand as a result of a merger or a new product launch?
Explain your motivation for the refresh, make sure it’s convincing, and then get to work on the real rebrand.

It’s critical to choose carefully because ineffective rebranding has in the past caused problems for businesses.

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3. Employee Enrichment

Your employees are some of the most vital brand champions you could possibly have.

A brand story is only as strong as the people who support it. The goal and values you establish will be reflected in everything from product design to customer service when the employees of a company uphold them.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you consider the requirements and feelings of your employees when you rebrand.

For instance, if you’re rebranding to reflect global developments following COVID-19 and you advocate the objective of protecting your customers, you must also ensure the protection of your employees.

Consistency is important because it’s the ethical thing to do and since employee power is increased by websites like Glassdoor and other business review sites.

Customers can see whether you’re upholding your beliefs inside the walls of your business.

4. Join the Community

Companies taking a position on more important problems is one of the major trends in rebranding.

Since the pandemic, encouraging unity has taken centre stage in brands’ mission statements.

But how does this actually manifest itself in daily life? It can entail organizing volunteer outings for your staff.

Events related to your industry might be incorporated in a variety of inventive ways.

Kilowott’s take on successfully rebranding

It’s important to remember that your branding doesn’t have to involve a major redesign.

That is definitely an option if you study your mission statement and decide that it has to be completely updated.

However, a partial rebrand may merely involve updating the font and color scheme.

Just keep in mind that it’s still essential to define why you’re making these changes, even if you decide to only conduct a partial rebrand.

Understanding the “why” will guide your decisions and make them more appealing to your target audience.

Successful rebranding is a crucial step that your business can go through. It can result in new clients and a fresh perspective on your industry.

Organizational rebranding can help you succeed if you establish the “why,” take into account your consumers and workers, and implement significant changes.

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