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DevOps Trends That Will Boost The NextGen Cloud-Native Infrastructure

In 2014 the industry witnessed a wide adoption of DevOps, it started mainly with CI/CD for few digital applications or for specific pilots.

Open- source technologies and advancement tools aided the build, test, deploy and release automation further. Multiple digital portfolios have adopted CI/CD automation.

The next step for organizations is to scale DevOps to go beyond digital applications to an enterprise level.

Adopting Devops at an Enterprise level will be the new flavor and piggy back on higher maturity of CI/CD adoption, Cloud DevOps, and trigger people transformation in terms of unified DevOps teams and Site Reliability Engineering.

Maturity of CICD across the value stream

Systems in the value stream that don’t implement DevOps drag down the benefits delivered by web applications that show higher speed to value, resilience, reliability and quality.

DevOps must be implemented across all levels from backend to middleware to frontend online systems to ensure its benefits are multiplied.

Cloud DevOps

In response to the increase in cloud adoption across  the industry, the most important innovations in this space will be Cloud DevOps. Core cloud benefits ie: scalability, reliability and resiliency are maximized by cloud DevOps services.

In response to the rapid cloud adoption DevOps must be executed in parallel to the migration of applications to the cloud.

Parameters that decide the benefits of adopting cloud need to be evaluated early on.

Delaying this process can reduce the real benefits of DevOps moving to the cloud.

People transformation

This year will see an up kick for people transformation in DevOps though it may be taken up selectively due to the constraints in the ability of teams in taking up new roles or the ability of stakeholders to support a change like this in the organization.


Security continues to be an integral part of DevOps since it is a prime concern for most organizations. DevSecOps offers continuous security ensuring that security is not compromised with faster releases.

NextGen DevOps

As more and more tools and platforms become available for DevOps, it will continue to remain an integral part of the software life cycle along with the enhancements in the existing capabilities.

Next Gen DevOps employs automation with AI and more proactive mechanisms to accelerate the entire value stream by implementing DevOps for technologies like legacy, packages, cloud and implementing DevSecOps.

Enterprises can modernize their landscapes so that they become agile and innovate faster even in turbulent markets through NextGen DevOps.

The main idea is to create a holistic change that transforms people, process and technology to achieve no-touch automation to improve reliability, repeatability, quality, security and speed.

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Jonas Bocarro
Jonas Bocarro

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