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Top 4 Key Digital Technologies for Enterprises in 2021

Enterprises are constantly upgrading their operations by adopting the latest digital technologies. When several digital trends are surfacing the market, businesses choose to select some over the others. This selection purely depends on the impact of the digital transformation techniques on the respective enterprises. 
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic confined people at their homes and “work-from-home” became the new normal for IT-based businesses. Non-IT businesses also adopted digital mobility solutions to keep things running. This year, enterprises are expected to explore new digital transformation techniques to boost their business during recovery. 

Digital Transformation Techniques for Enterprises in 2021

AI engineering, distributed cloud, 5G mobility, and cybersecurity mesh are the top trends influencing the digital transformation of enterprises in 2021. Collectively, these technologies are expected to drive business growth by improving productivity and optimizing costs. 

#1 AI Engineering

Every enterprise needs a robust AI engineering strategy to deal with today’s challenges. Modern-day customers demand high-performance products and services, testing the capabilities of organizations. AI engineering solutions provide scalability that improves these capabilities of the enterprises. AI-based digital interpretability can improve customer-business interactions. Business models developed with Machine Learning algorithms can increase the reliability of products and services. The RoI of AI investments will turn out to be quite rewarding in 2021. AI projects will solve the issues of maintainability and governance, allowing companies to run smart operations through a secure remote control. 

AI engineering applications will upgrade the DevOps process for IT enterprises. They will bring agility to specialized projects and ensure that they do not exceed the spending. AI-based analytics will help in generating insights from data collected across multidisciplinary business divisions. Digital transformation techniques surrounding the AI hype will eventually prepare enterprises for unprecedented situations, such as a global economic shutdown. 

#2 Distributed Cloud

On-premise infrastructure has become a key reason for the fall of several enterprises during the pandemic. In 2021, most companies will not think twice about migrating to the cloud. Enterprises will go beyond cloud migration and consider running their services on the distributed cloud. It will allow companies to run their data services on a distributed network of cloud servers. Managing a business from different physical locations will become much easier with the distributed cloud. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are expected to invest billions in becoming a leading distributed cloud provider.

For startups, the distributed cloud is their future for IT infrastructure. It enables organizations to provide their services with low-latency and minimal data costs. It will also help them accommodate different data regulations based on specific geographical areas. Moreover, organizations will also enjoy the benefits of public cloud and private cloud. Despite being costly and complex, the distributed cloud will emerge as a sought-after digital advancement for enterprises.

#3 5G Mobility

4G has been available for years, however, its adoption is set to decelerate due to the onset of 5G. In developed marketplaces such as the UK, the US, Japan, and China, 5G connectivity is witnessing a strong adoption. Most enterprises are becoming 5G-friendly at every step of their business operations. Deploying digital transformation becomes better with 5G services. 

By adopting 5G digital technologies, organizations can gain greater connection density for their IoT products and services. Mobile technology, which is integral to enterprise technology, is experiencing several advancements with the evolution of 5G mobility. 5G spectrum is not only efficient for heavy data transmission but also recognized for advanced security. Nearly 2 billion people around the world have adopted devices that are compatible with 5G networks. The coverage of 5G deployments is set to encompass the globe by the end of 2025. 

#4 Cybersecurity Mesh

Stemmed from nascent IT concepts, cybersecurity mesh is the latest digital security advancement. It helps businesses protect their sensitive data through a wide network of nodes. Cybersecurity mesh helps in designing IT infrastructure to implement a single, robust ‘perimeter’ around all endpoint devices. Ideally, cybersecurity mesh is designed for IT enterprises. However, the growing dependency on mobile devices in retail, manufacturing, and other sectors also drives its adoption. In 2021, Google and Apple are expected to begin establishing a worldwide cybersecurity mesh for their users. It will create robust and scalable network security for Android and iOS devices. The application of cybersecurity mesh is also expected to broaden in the governance, public administration, and defense sectors. 

Digitalizing Enterprise Technology for Future

These four digital transformation techniques are creating a new wave of innovation in enterprise technology. They can introduce new strategies, implement better portfolios, and enhance operational management effectively. Together, these four trends can speed up the recovery of business organizations. In 2021, they will also birth new concepts of digital solutions at an enterprise level. 

Are you hesitating to adopt these digital trends? Let Kilowott guide you in building your next business strategy by optimizing the best digital technologies for your needs. 

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