Application Modernization Using Cloud Native Approach
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Application Modernization Using Cloud Native Approach

During the pandemic, companies were not all affected equally or similarly. Companies were often aggravated by legacy technology. Modernizing business processes and applications are of great importance. 

For enterprises striving to meet the customers changing demands, cloud technologies have emerged as a critical ally. To address changing business requirements, application migration and modernization have proven that they can increase resiliency and agility.

To stay relevant and improve agility, Imperative enterprises are looking for cloud-led modernization as an important step. Research suggests that the application modernization and migration market continues its shift towards cloud technologies with low emphasis on the infrastructure-led lift and shift migration.

Transformation of legacy applications is time-consuming and difficult. For successful modernization programs, the right modernization strategy needs to be selected by enterprises based on their business goals.

The current market is leaning more towards an approach that is platform-led. This can make an enterprise more resilient, relevant and responsive if executed well by:

  1) Transforming legacy systems using cloud-native technologies to build a future-proof architecture.

  2) Adopting DevOps, low-code and no-code platforms, a modernization that is platform-centric and agile methodologies.

  3) To reduce the costs using software asset optimization, open-source software, cloud and smart automation.

Enterprises have understood that to survive they need to reinvent and reimagine themselves in the ever-changing market conditions.

These trends have been accelerating during the period and have proven that companies will continue to struggle with the technologies that helped them get to this point. Companies need to modernize their IT landscape frequently.

This shift will add value to the business capabilities and be more than just a tech strategy. These were not possible previously. Companies are now getting a sense of market changes in real-time. 

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