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Microsoft Technologies

59% companies within the tech industry rely on Microsoft Technologies

You don’t want to be missing out on Microsoft’s technological revolution

What is Microsoft Technology?
Microsoft is a technology giant that imparts services to businesses, beginners, and even seasoned digital veterans to develop and deploy enterprise projects. Once a business has decided on an application, the next biggest thing on the list is determining a tech stack.

Why adopt Microsoft Technology?
Microsoft technology stack has remained popular, especially for large enterprise projects.  Most enterprise-grade applications trust Microsoft’s technology stack for its dependable performance.

Also, the global community support of Microsoft technology stack has led to a solid foundation for enormous application development projects.


Impact of Digital on Microsoft Technology

Microsoft’s history shows us what can happen with competition and an ambitious drive for new ideas, even with a little controversy. But the fact of it is, they created the software that helps to drive our world the way we see it and use it. Here’s how they impact our world!

Whether you love or hate Microsoft, they have helped the world we all live in. The software used at hospitals or maybe simply the games that you play, they have helped in one way or the other. Visual Studio, Azure, HoloLens, Windows and every other product they offer can help us to achieve a better future. Even if HoloLens were to fail, it has inspired some companies to develop their own reality headsets. At the end of the day, whether Microsoft makes it or not, at least they have helped to inspire others. The competitive nature of giant tech companies have all helped to create the technologies that we all use and love.

Microsoft Office is a well known choice for software. Many companies use this to deliver reports, presentations or a variety of other documents. Because so many companies use it this means that compatibility is higher than other software solutions.

When different companies are able to share their documents without much effort to open them, this makes it a popular choice. Even if you don’t own MS Office you can use other programs that are able to open and read those documents. In the world of software, compatibility is key for being widely accepted. And being widely accepted means more compatibility with other companies!

Microsoft Azure is a platform that is used for helping businesses to host their infrastructure online essentially. Not like with websites, but with servers that allow different services and features depending on the needs of each corporation. It allows virtual machines, cloud storage, and over 100 other features or tools. If building your company using the cloud is your goal, this product can help you achieve it! However, this doesn’t mean Microsoft is the only provider or option out there. Companies like Amazon and Google also offer their own services with many of the features that Azure can provide.

While Microsoft may not be known exclusively for their gaming selections, they have pushed the boundaries of digitalization in this area as well. Xbox was a great step towards understanding their different user bases. The reason is because they also came around to adding flexibility to Windows. When Windows first started it wasn’t much of a competitor in this market, especially in contrast to new and emerging gaming consoles later on.

The Windows operating system has been around for a very long time. While Apple and Google offer their own platforms, none are as popular as Windows at the moment. Google is doing great on Android but most apps are still being created using a Windows computer.

The simplicity and constant support helps organizations to stay protected from security threats while gaining new features and abilities. It’s not a perfect platform but it’s very widely accepted and that again makes it compatible with other systems. 

You may not know it, but Microsoft has tried several different projects over the years. Sometimes they are less successful and other times they lead to greater and better things. But innovations like the Windows Phone or HoloLens, shows us how to approach problems differently.
Obviously Windows Phone was ultimately a failure for Microsoft but it was something that gained attention. HoloLens is one of their latest innovations because it allows mixed reality.

Know Your Microsoft Technology - A Quick Guide

There are many reasons to like or dislike Microsoft depending on your view of them. They are a company that started out small, innovating in ways never seen before while trying new things

.NET framework – The .NET framework is a software development framework to create both form-based and web-based applications. Application development with Microsoft .NET framework involves web applications, web services, Windows mobile and desktop applications, web and windows services, as well as console applications such as, MVC

MS SQL- SQL Server is Microsoft’s relational database management system that provides reliable server security using encryption. A standard set of procedures of the MS SQL makes the processes of fetching, recovering and restoring of data easy.

Microsoft Office 365 – This is a solution that is adopted by businesses to access a suite of Microsoft services that includes applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and other enterprise-scale Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft .NET Core – NET Core is an open-source computer software framework. It’s goal is to have a single code base that can build and support all the other platforms such as Mac OSX and Linux.

Microsoft SharePoint Framework – This is a web-based collaborative platform that fully supports client-side as well as server-side development. This framework supports a page-and-part model that offers easy integration and with the support of Microsoft Graph for open source tooling.

Microsoft Model-View-Controller – It’s an architectural pattern that separates an application into three main logical components: the model, the view, and the controller.

Microsoft Azure Stack – This is a set of cloud services that allow users to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services on a global network, via Microsoft-managed data centers. 

Microsoft Visual Studio – This is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is an efficient platform for developers to code, debug, and test their applications with great accuracy. 

Use Cases for Microsoft Technology Digitalization

Use Case 1 – IoT Services
The Internet of Things has a very different infrastructure than the technologies being used today. In order to enable IoT, companies need cloud services that can intelligently analyze and use sensor data and bind actions based on this sensor data. The internet of things is built on sensors; automation means that the devices need to be able to sense when they should perform a particular task.

Azure has a specialized set of IoT services bundles together to provide everything needed to power an IoT network.  This includes DocumentDB, Stream Analytics, HDInsight, and Event Hubs. These services provide data collection, ad-hoc networking and queering, data analysis, and much more. Any company looking to get serious about the Internet of Things will be well served by these services.

Use Case 2 – Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery has always been a strong point of cloud services. Some of the first cloud customers were banks and financial institutions that needed to have access to their data no matter what disaster struck.

Azure provides much better disaster recovery options than most of the alternatives. Azure keeps your data safe by making redundant copies in multiple locations. You can manually choose the locations of your database backups but even if you do not, Azure will manage the security by default. Companies can even extend their Active Directory to Azure backups for uninterrupted services even if your main data site goes down.

Use Case 3 – User Generated Content Hosting
These days, content is king. User generated content is also notoriously hard to manage; it needs to be categorized, optimized, and processed quickly without needing the user to do anything. User generated content doesn’t just mean videos and pictures uploaded by the users,

it also includes comments, reviews, shares, and anything else which users leave on websites. DocumentDB automatically indexes all the data it receives which makes it perfect for storing user generated content of all types.

Use Case 3 – Feature Testing
Azure offers fantastic virtual machine solutions for testing out new features. Almost every respectable cloud service provider allows you to create virtual machines or instances in order to test out features, but Azure is very different when it comes to paying for these virtual machines.

Most bill by the hour, so even if you use a VM for only a few minutes your organization will end up paying for an hour’s worth of use. Azure bills you for exactly the time that you use the VMs for, which lowers costs substantially. Microsoft also has very powerful

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