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3D Video Animation

3D animated product videos can increase website purchases by 144%

Animation is quickly dominating landing pages, homepages and explainer tutorials. No wonder the numbers are really high for animation-based product videos.

What is 3D video animation?
3D video animation is a process of developing/creating 3D dimensional moving images in a digital environment.

3D video animation has undergone many advancements in recent years. The trend favoring 3D video animation is continuously growing.

3D video animation is growing at the fastest rate in the media and entertainment industry. This technology provides view in different projections and angles, making it look lively.

Why do you need 3D video animation?
The demand for 3D video animation is attributed to the growing adoption of visual effects technology (VFX) in movies, increasing demand for 3D visualization, 3D gaming, and 3D mobile applications, and growing trend of digital marketing.

Rise in the demand of 3D video animation software for creating 3D animation movies is driving the market growth globally.
For instance, key market players in the media and entertainment industry such as Universal Studios Inc., The Walt Disney Company, Pixar, Warner Bros. Animation, DreamWorks Animation, and others are adopting 3D video animation software and technologies such as 3D modeling, motion graphics, 3D rendering, visual effects, and special effects to create movies which is driving the growth for the 3D video market.


Impact of Digital on 3D Video Animation

3D video animation brings objects to life while engaging with the content. Commonly used in computer games, 3D video animation can produce amazing results in advertising, product demos, and presentation graphics.

The impact of digitalization on 3D video animation infrastructure has enhanced various components including hardware, software, and services.

The digital hardware segment in the global 3D video animation market has been further segmented into motion capturing systems, workstations, and video cards and GPU. Motion capturing systems transfer the movements of real-life actors or objects to digital characters or objects.

Motion capturing systems are mostly used to track different human movements such as facial expressions and lip movements digitally. 3D video animation software enables designers to create objects and give them motion in virtual 3-dimensional space. 3D animation software offers a wide range of functions including 3D modeling, rendering, and motion capture of objects.
The software segment has been sub-segmented into SDK, plug-in software, and platforms. 3D animation platforms offer designers and developers with tools and functionalities to develop 3D animation-based software and perform different tasks required for creating 3D animated videos. 3D animation platforms offer functions of 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and adding visual effects to films.

Thanks to digitization of 3D video animation technology, there has been a boost in 3D modeling, motion graphics, 3D rendering, visual effects, and others. Popular 3D modeling software in the 3D animation market include Maya by Autodesk, Cinema 4D, Blender, and SketchUp among others. 3D modeling is an important step in the process of 3D animation and widely used for different applications.

The 3D video animation market, by region, has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America accounted for the largest market share of 42.1% in 2017, with a market value of USD 4,991.7 million; the market is expected to register a CAGR of 13.6% during the forecast period. Asia-Pacific was the second-largest market in 2017, valued at USD 3799.95 million; the market is expected to register the highest CAGR of 16.5%.

The presence of major key players such as Adobe, Autodesk Inc., and Image Metrics are expected to drive the growth of the 3D animation market in the North America region. Moreover, there is growing demand for 3D animation from the film industry in the US and Canada

Know Your 3D Video Animation – A Quick Guide

3D video animation to capture the audience’s attention. It gives them a comic relief in most instances which makes it interesting for viewing animations in 3D.

3D Video and Film – It is a 3D visual feature of moving images within a digital realm. This type uses motion graphics to move the subjects around a 3D space. Unlike other types, 3D video and film is purely visual, which means there’s no interaction required. Hence, it is also called Passive 3D Animation.

Interactive 3D – This is a 3D animation production that features a purely digital realm and created using a 3D computer software. While 3D video and film animation relies on the visual experience, this type involves user interaction. 

Virtual Reality 3D – Virtual reality (VR) is the one that has opened a complete new world for users. VR is used and experienced in a more immersive way. This type requires a device, such as Google Glass and Oculus, to allow its users to interact with the physical space. 


Use Cases for 3D Video Animation Digitalization

Use Case 1 – 3D Video Animation in education
Everybody understands that humans have a tendency to remember videos and images more than textual content. Through digitalization, 3D video animation can be adopted for education purposes to enhance the reception levels of students or trainees. Animated videos can improve the quality of reception of learners, and bring about an exceptional change to their academic capabilities. 

Use Case 2 – 3D Video Animation in entertainment
Digitalization in 3D video animation has taken entertainment to a whole new level. From Tom & Jerry to Pixar, diverse animation services are offered now by top animation studios. Even movies are created for a wider audience that includes children and adults. DreamWorks, Marvel and DC animation studios are great examples of that.

Use Case 3 – 3D Video Animation in advertising
The benefits of digitalization of 3D video animation for advertising are numerous. Ads are always about creative visualization, and hence can capture the imagination of audiences. The advent of the internet has led to numerous platforms being created that utilize animation to tell stories or explain a product. 

Use Case 4 – 3D Video Animation in gaming

It is impossible to find an industry where 3D video animation is not extensively used. One industry is the gaming industry. Here everything is dependent on 3D characters to tell a story or take the game forward. It’s the very basis upon which the game is modelled or created. From texturing, lighting to rigging, 3D video artists can do it all through digitized 3D video animation.

Use Case 5 – 3D Video Animation in simulations
3D video simulations are utilized in areas where real life training is can be simulated. Military training is one such area where animation can play a huge role. Simulations are also used by various organizations to predict the outcome of numerous activities.


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