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Data Science


The total data volume accessible will reach 4 trillion gigabytes by 2021

With this much data available to analyse, access and implement, there is a science needed to mould them into reports or strategies.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles with the goal to discover hidden patterns from the raw data.


Why do I need Data Science?

Traditionally, the data that we had was mostly structured and small in size, which could be analyzed by using simple tools.

Unlike data in the traditional systems which was mostly structured, today most of the data is unstructured or semi-structured. 

This data is generated from different sources like financial logs, text files, multimedia forms, sensors, and instruments.

Simple tools are not capable of processing this huge volume and variety of data. This is why you need more complex and advanced analytical tools and algorithms for processing, analyzing and drawing meaningful insights out of it.

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Nearly 80% of data available over the internet is unstructured

This makes it all the more essential to work with tools, algorithms and genius minds to make sense of out this unstructured data

“7x – the number of times our clients found relevant data to improve their product/service”

(FAQs) on Data Science

Data Science is the scientific analysis of unstructured data for making it meaningful for developing strategies. These frequently asked questions are made up of queries that we get asked often.

You might have heard of Data Science. But do you know what it means?
Data Science has transformed itself to become a more dynamic field. Data Science has rendered Business Intelligence to incorporate a wide range of business operations.

With the massive increase in the volume of data, businesses need data scientists to analyze and derive meaningful insights from the data.
You understand what Data Science is, but can it help you?

The meaningful insights of Data Science will help companies to analyze information at a large scale and gain necessary decision-making strategies.

The process of decision making involves the evaluation and assessment of various factors involved in it. Factors such as, understanding the context and nature of the problem that we are required to solve, exploring and quantifying the quality of the data, implementation of the right algorithm and tools for finding a solution to the problems, can make Data Science work for you.
Using storytelling to translate our insights for a better understanding of teams. Through these factors, businesses need data science for facilitating the decision-making process.

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Our data scientists crack complex data problems with their strong expertise in certain scientific disciplines.

They work with several elements related to mathematics, statistics, computer science, etc. They make a lot of use of the latest technologies in finding solutions and reaching conclusions that are crucial for an organization’s growth and development.

Data Scientists present the data in a much more useful form as compared to the raw data available to them from structured as well as unstructured forms.

Business Intelligence (BI) basically analyzes the previous data to find hindsight and insight to describe business trends.

Business Intelligence (BI) basically analyzes the previous data to find hindsight and insight to describe business trends.

BI enables you to take data from external and internal sources, prepare it, run queries on it and create dashboards to answer questions like quarterly revenue analysis or business problems.
BI can evaluate the impact of certain events in the near future.

What are the reasons to hire a Data Science agency?

Data science can be used to explore historicals, identify trends, make comparisons to competition, promote low-risk data-driven action plans, and analyze the market.

A Data Science agency, such as Kilowott uses Data Science to make recommendations on when and where your product will sell best.

We ensure that data is easily available at the fingertips of every decision maker.

We allow businesses to learn which solutions to take for the best possible outcome and be prescribed logical

We let them assess best-case scenarios to improve performances. We help record performance metrics and analyse them over time.

We let your company become smarter and more efficient at making decisions based on recurring trends.

a quick guide

Know Your Data Science

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Predictive data analytics

This data science model can predict the possibilities of a particular event in the future, you need to apply predictive causal analytics.

Prescriptive data analytics

This data science model has the intelligence of taking its own decisions and the ability to modify it with dynamic parameters, you certainly need prescriptive analytics for it.


Machine learning

This data science model works on transactional data to build a model that determines a future trend.  It is called supervised learning because you already have the data based on which you can train your machines.

Machine learning for pattern discovery

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The ngX Framework

Based on our deep design and technical experience across industries we’ve developed a proprietary digital framework, the ngX framework, which is leveraged across all our projects.

The ngX framework consists of the following steps:


Assess your current customer experience and digital posture across all digital properties


Define a digital experience transformation roadmap to capture digital moments


Develop the front-end and back-end systems and technologies to bring the digital next strategy to life


Deploy all the technologies and design elements together after thorough QA and user testing


Support the deployed components to ensure digital experience ecosystem meets its stated business objectives


Digital marketing to promote the reimagined brand, acquire new customers and retain existing customers for continued business impact

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