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3D Animation

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Toy Story is the first feature-length film fully modelled and created with the help of 3D technology

The animated movie which released way back in 1995 starred Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, and spawned 3 sequels, 2 animated series, 2 television specials, 4 short films, and a direct-to-video title. That’s a lot of Toy Stories!

3D animation brings visuals to life

The third dimension of animation explores the perception of depth, and is the key differentiator between 2D and 3D. 3D animation is far more complicated than 2D but offers a more vivid and immersive experience for the viewer thanks to the use of perspective in the form of lighting, shadows, highlights, and movement. 3D animation is painstaking and time-consuming, but the end result can be amazing when done right. Since it is not possible to animate in 3D by hand due to its complex nature, 3D animation is a completely computerised process using dedicated software and hardware.

Some key differences between 2D and 3D

Making the decision between both mediums usually comes down to the target audience. It also depends on the intention of the video, and the story it is trying to tell. The timeline and budget are also deciding factors. 3D animation is popularly used as a medium for creators looking to tell stories in the form of short or feature-length films. 3D animation is also used primarily in games because of its immersive nature, along with AR and VR applications. 3D modelling, a part of the animation process, is also popularly used by product manufacturers, architects, and real estate agents.

3D Stats

3D animation is one of the fastest-growing industries

It is estimated that the global 3D animation market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.0% from 2020 to 2025 to reach USD 28.30 billion by 2025.

Video is the #1 form of media used in content strategy, overtaking blogs and infographics

FAQs about 3D Animation

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I have a startup. How will 3D animation benefit my business?
3D animation catches the attention of audiences easily and is great for promotional material, it creates brand awareness and better brand recall. It attracts traffic on multiple platforms online and can actually increase conversions by 80% on a landing page.
Can 3D animation be used in the manufacturing business?

As 3D animation can produce photorealistic models of products, businesses find it useful to use it before going into production to look for design errors.

Which industry uses 3D animation extensively?

The gaming industry uses 3D animation extensively as the entire game is based on it. You can however also create  2D games.

How can animation help my sales team?

Humans have the tendency to remember images and video better than textual content. 3D animation can make a sizable difference in the education and training of your sales team, to simplify complex ideas.

I’m from the health industry, where does 3D come in?
Science classes and medical training often use detailed 3D animation of the human body to understand complex processes. It can also be used by medical companies to demonstrate the use of medical devices and explain the interaction of drugs within the body.
How can animation help me in the building industry?
From blueprints to walkthroughs 3D animation has revolutionized the building industry. Now both exteriors and interiors can be demonstrated to potential customers even in the planning phases.
Has 3D entered the live entertainment industry?
3D animations are being used on a big screen behind the stage to add depth and character to  performances.
I’m from the retail industry, how can I incorporate 3D animation into my business?
Especially because the pandemic has reduced the number of customers to stores, 3D animation videos of products demonstrating the smallest detail can help retailers boost their online sales.

3D Animation

Some of the popular use cases for 3D animation

3D Modeling

3D modelling is great if you’re looking to create an impact or a stellar first impression in your product demos. We do this by creating realistic product models that can be incorporated into any form of media. If you want to go a step further, you can consider creating a more immersive experience by incorporating 3D models in an augmented or virtual reality using a smartphone or specialised hardware from companies such as Occulus.

3D Rendering and 3D Printing

With 3D rendering, you can accurately portray architectural or mechanical projects and e-commerce products. This is great for virtual showrooms, brochures, specifications, etc. Renders can also be used for 3D printing to create models or mechanical parts. These are great for real estate or construction projects, automobile companies, or startups looking to create prototypes for products before heading to manufacturing.


3D Animation

We are only limited by our imagination! Through 3D animation, we can create interactive games or augment your marketing campaigns to reach your target audience. We also create TV and Web Series, movie effects, and much more. When it comes to 3D animation, we work from end-to-end, or assist in various phases of production such as texturing, storyboarding, or colour correction.

3D Walkthrough

Tour upcoming real-estate projects, stroll through a museum or art gallery, look around a virtual showroom. With 3D walkthroughs, you can bring your business to your customers. While this is best experienced in a virtual reality environment, 3D walkthroughs can also be experienced using nothing more than a smartphone and an on-screen touch navigation control. In the past few years, 3D walkthroughs have become increasingly popular, thanks in part to the popularity of apps such as Google Earth and Streetview.


3D Print Graphics

Take your branding to the next level with amazing 3D prints which are perfect for outdoor visuals on rollups, convention booths, or even billboards and large banners. 3D prints allow you to bring a touch of reality to your artwork and are great especially when you’re looking to bring a company mascot or design to life. 3D prints can also be used for branding on t-shirts, or on automobiles.



A next-generation visual concept where blank and static spaces are brought to life using 3D projections. These are perfect for outdoor and indoor events to make the ordinary extraordinary! Projection mapping is all the rage when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind experiences at high-end restaurants, art galleries, and museums, or on a larger scale at music festivals and other major outdoor events.

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