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Roadmap Ideation and Modelling

Roadmap Ideation and Modelling

Bring your ideas to market and be capitalise early

The role of digital technology is rapidly shifting, from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption. But even though digital transformation is well-known, most business enterprises struggle with finding the right method for the organized digital transformation of business models. 85% organizations worldwide are yet to invest seriously in digital transformation and still lag behind in adopting the rapidly evolving technology around them.

Ideation for More Effective Innovation

Digital customer service interactions will increase by 40%

Markets are changing faster than ever, requiring businesses to quickly adjust strategies, products and services to remain competitive. That’s why Roadmap Ideation and Modelling is vital as a structured approach to prepare a  business environment for potentially disruptive changes and support innovation. Transforming a business requires enterprises to establish a strategy and roadmap that addresses the people, process and technology components with clearly defined success metrics. Digital transformation involves understanding a multitude of possibilities and charting a clear course based on insights and experience. It demands an interconnected approach, bringing together business and portfolio, people and organizations, operations and processes and digital technologies.

Ideation for More Effective Innovation

Ideation helps businesses find and elevate the best ideas through the innovation funnel for implementation. Creating a detailed roadmap early, and tapping into collective intelligence, increases the chances of success of any digital transformation initiative. It allows quality ideas to surface, points to inefficiencies and helps identify organisational blindspots. A clearly defined roadmap allows enterprises to develop better products and services and be prepared for distuprive changes by gathering the key building blocks essential for sucessful implementation of transformation programs.

Modelling – Know What Will Work

Modelling involves creating a virtual representation of a real-world system, also called a ‘digital twin’, to take away the risks of costly and time-consuming experimenting with real assets. It allows enterprises to simulate this virtual representation under a wide range of conditions to see how it behaves, by adjusting the levers or parameters that affect the output of the model. Various tools are available today to create a digital twin to model your complex problems, and simulate and identify the optimal set of parameter settings that gives you the best outcomes.

Digital Transformation Needs a High-Energy Partner

The process of becoming fully digital is a comprehensive, exhaustive effort that can seem overwhelming in its scope and scale. We’ve been on our own transformation journey and understand the challenges. Our consultants can guide you to new products/ services, new business models and new ways of working in the digital age.

We help you create a clear, navigable digital transformation roadmap to get moving and to help your company turn ideas into specific steps. Kilowott combines deep business savvy with strong technical knowledge to develop and execute on digital road maps.

Business ideation and implementation of new models
Digital transformation planning
Digital business case development
Digital architecture and roadmap design
Digital twin modelling

Our digital specialists offer guidance and support to help your company accelerate and scale your digital transformation journey based on a combination of approaches, including design thinking, iterative development and continuous transformation. Each approach is tailored to your specific needs, with a focus on accelerating change and enabling you to deliver better products and services faster.


Our digital specialists offer guidance and support to help your company accelerate and scale your digital transformation journey

How do I develop the right digital business model?
The right model will be based on your existing customer’s unmet or latent needs, gaps in the current market that you are addressing and your existing digital presence. The process involves conducting an internal digital capability assessment, customer surveys, defining the enterprise’s digital business vision, and then eventually creating your own digital model and roadmap.
What resources do I need for digital business transformation?

A digital business transformation initiative can be complex making it hard to achieve the desired outcomes and milestones, especially without the right resources. One of the foremost requirements is senior executive will and mandate, followed by a definite understanding of which operational processes need to be reinvented and upskilling existing resources. Additionally, enterprises need to understand which new technologies need to be integrated, and which additional tools such as data analytics, cloud, AI, ML, UI and UX, can help make the transformation robust.

The good news is that instead of building a large in-house team or investing in expensive resources, you can outsource all of them.

Are digital experience transformation projects expensive?

The cost of your digital transformation project depends on your objective(s) and scope, the technologies you want to be deployed and integrated, the extent that your existing operational processes need to be reinvented and the skill-gap in your existing team. A transformation project need not be expensive, and the size of investment depends on what you want to achieve.

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