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Customer Experience Process & Surveys Consulting

Customer Experience Process

We make it easy for you to get closer to your customers

Customer experience must be truly special and seamlessly reflect your authentic brand voice and values.

The powerful convergence of marketing and technology today means brands need to focus on experiences and not traditional marketing. Customers want consistent yet personalized experiences at every turn. These customer expectations provide an opportunity to learn about your actual customers’ journeys and identify ways to replace ordinary experiences with the extraordinary.

Creating an exceptional customer experience requires emotional intelligence to listen and hear what your customers want and need, creativity to iterate new solutions, knowledge of how to get it done and discipline to continuously improve. Brands should be able to identify core customer personas and map the types of customers to better understand the customers’ perspective and identify opportunities to better engage them.

88.3% of organizations worldwide see customer experience as a competitive differentiator

Managing the Customer Experience Process

Managing customer experience processes require a deep understanding of your customer touchpoints and interactions. The customer experience is the complete experience a customer has with your business. Each interaction is considered a touchpoint in the customer’s journey. Their experience at each touchpoint leads to their opinions about your enterprise as a whole.Interviews, focus groups, customer engagement surveys, visit pathways, heat mapping and social media monitoring are some of the tools that help develop such insights by listening to your customers. 


The Importance of Customer Experience Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys allow brands to learn out about customer opinion on different aspects of the product or service that contribute to their satisfaction (e.g. customer service, corporate image, after-sales service, etc.). Customer experience surveys try to measure the emotional response of the customers as their interact with your company across multiple touch points, using metrics like Net Promoter Score. The resulting direct feedback from customers points to the various factors that need to be improved in order to enhance the customer experience, improve customer orientation processes and increase loyalty.


Research shows that over 95% of unhappy customers won’t complain, but over 90% of those will leave without saying anything

Benefits of an Efficient Omni-Channel Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience Process

  • Increase in service quality and customer satisfaction: Brands can create an optimized and unique customer experience through unified support across multiple channels
  • Loyalty and recommendations: Satisfied customers turn into long-term fans and loyal brand promoters brand, and help expand the customer base through referrals

Increase of sales value and conversion rate: Research consistently shows that satisfied customers buy more often and more

To unlock growth, brands need a partner that is part business consultancy, part creative agency and part technology powerhouse. Someone who can reinvent across products, marketing operations, sales and commerce and customer service.

We connect deep human and business insights with the possibilities of technology to define and deliver new realities. Experiences that can make lives easier, more productive and rewarding. Our services within Customer Experience Consulting include: 

  • Commercial potential – balancing customer-oriented initiatives with estimated commercial potential
  • Customer experience programmes – benefit-based validation and monitoring of customer initiatives
  • Customer journey maps – organizational overview of customer interactions 
  • Customer-oriented business development – optimizing processes in all parts of the organization that influence customer experience


We connect deep human and business insights with the possibilities of technology to define and deliver new realities.

What is a customer experience survey?
A customer experience survey allows you to capture a customer’s emotions based on their experiences at various touchpoints. To identify the most important touchpoints of your customers, you must map the journey of the customers and keep a close eye on what the customers say about your brand at every step.
What is the type of data in a survey?

A customer experience survey looks at both structured data and open-ended questions. Data and customer suggestions can define the overall customer experience of your brand and help you improve customer service, satisfaction, and grow your loyal customers. The most important aspect of the data collected in surveys is to form accurate and actionable insights. Efficient market research digs deep into the experience of individual customers.

Why should you outsource customer experience management?

Most brands store large amounts of data about their customers, but they usually fail to transform it into actionable insights, because the customer surveys are completed autonomously in different parts of the organization with no common purpose. To truly make data matter and improve performance, brands need clear goals and an action-oriented approach that will turn data into valuable insights and strategic decisions. 

The Kilowott Advantage

Understand the personal and emotional elements of the customer experience through qualitative insights

Deep and accurate insights into customers experiences

Uncover the important moments of truth that influence customer perceptions Create a central, consistent, and accurate view of the customer experience

Identify specific customer touchpoints and moments of interaction

The ngX Framework

Based on our deep design and technical experience across industries we’ve developed a proprietary digital framework, the ngX framework, which is leveraged across all our projects.

The ngX framework consists of the following steps:


Assess your current customer experience and digital posture across all digital properties


Define a digital experience transformation roadmap to capture digital moments


Develop the front-end and back-end systems and technologies to bring the digital next strategy to life


Deploy all the technologies and design elements together after thorough QA and user testing


Support the deployed components to ensure digital experience ecosystem meets its stated business objectives


Digital marketing to promote the reimagined brand, acquire new customers and retain existing customers for continued business impact

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