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Education / eLearning

Educational institutions are adopting digital solutions and fostering innovations to make e-learning more accessible and to engineer a digital-ready teaching ecosystem.

The education industry was already poised for a monumental shift that would pivot vastly from traditional school and college campus and pedagogy methods. The Covid pandemic accelerated disruption in this space, bringing forth new technologies and platforms to enable next-gen learning environments – both physical and virtual – with better connections, easier communication paths, and more robust collaboration capabilities. 


Online classes have become the most viable solution to ensure an uninterrupted flow of education. Many schools and colleges have built intranet systems and enabled a shift towards video broadcasting tools such as Zoom, Google Hangout, and WebEx to provide learning at home. With technology developments, such as virtual reality already making an impact in the classroom, we cannot imagine what the digital world will offer students in the future.

The Digital Wave in Education

It is no secret that the young school and college going generations today is constantly connected, except when they are in class. The recent disruption in the education industry is likely to help bridge this gap and better blend learning into their lives and address the changing demands of customers—in this case, students. Schools, colleges, and universities are rushing to transform their learning environments, both physical and virtual, as part of the way courses and classes are taught. Forward-thinking educational institutions are now seeing the power of technology to transform the learning environment, merging the physical with the virtual, and realizing better student outcomes.    


However, educational institutions have still not completed a transformation of their physical learning environments. Classrooms, libraries, study spaces, auditoriums, cafeterias, and campuses overall are still largely based on dated, traditional models. Not only are virtual teaching and learning nonexistent, but many campuses are far from conceptualizing and merging the physical with the virtual. 


To survive and realize success in the future, forward-thinking schools, colleges, and universities need to find new and innovative ways to attract and retain students and faculty, differentiate themselves from their peers, and effectively demonstrate the value of a degree from their institution.


Though technology is critical for transforming instructional pedagogy and transcending traditional learning environments, digital transformation in education should not be seen only as adding new technologies, or as allocating resources in the maintenance of the traditional learning environment. It should be viewed as one component of the institution’s larger strategy and vision. 


Kilowott works as your business partner and ensures that we pick just the right technologies needed to support new learning approaches that engage learners, drive new revenue streams, and decrease operational costs, while preserving and expanding highly valued institutional brands. 

Whether working with a school or a university, we focus on critical areas that underpin all effective digital transformation.

Operational excellence

Operational excellence and digital innovation are inseparable in education. We focus on multiple areas including managing intake, tracking educational progress and maximizing the use of vital resources.

Business reinvention

Digital innovation is a priority in education. It’s not just about creating the best learning experience. It’s also key to managing budgets, attracting students and connecting educational institutions around the world. Educational institutions must curate existing content, align it with the curriculum, and plan on how to make the additional content available.


Trust and compliance

Institutions can leverage digital technologies to get the balance right between active monitoring and open communication, maintaining an uncompromising respect for personal data privacy.

Customized learning

Through digital transformation, institutions can offer their students a personalized learning experience. Through the mode of Machine Learning and AI, they can decide whether to have video content or text-based, or if a 15-minute session will be more appreciated compared to longer sessions.


Including next-gen technologies

The biggest role of digital transformation in education can be seen in the incorporation of technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, blockchain, and AI technologies.


App based e-learning

Apps will herald the next level of learning by bridging the urban-rural divide and make the right to education available to all. Apps can also monitor each students’ interests, attention span, wellness and aptitude. Apps with multi-level architecture can be used to assess teachers, push assignments, evaluate and assess students, and deliver various administrative tasks.

We help institutions shift their focus away from traditional learning models and embrace digital holistically to inspire immersive, always-on learning experiences, and a future-ready workforce. Ask us how.

The ngX Framework

Based on our deep design and technical experience across industries we’ve developed a proprietary digital framework, the ngX framework, which is leveraged across all our projects.

The ngX framework consists of the following steps:


Assess your current customer experience and digital posture across all digital properties


Define a digital experience transformation roadmap to capture digital moments


Develop the front-end and back-end systems and technologies to bring the digital next strategy to life


Deploy all the technologies and design elements together after thorough QA and user testing


Support the deployed components to ensure digital experience ecosystem meets its stated business objectives


Digital marketing to promote the reimagined brand, acquire new customers and retain existing customers for continued business impact

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